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    John PrestonJohn Preston

    Runtime: 4:48

    Poppy is an abandoned 1 year old cat whom I have taken on for the time being and is now living with my three. She is not entirely happy with finding herself in a multi-cat household and probably has some venting to do about being dumped and having moved twice in the last several days as well. The vocals were recorded midway through last night when she decided to come and sit on my windowsill whilst I was sleeping and I quickly grabbed my microphone and snuck back in bed. I think she prefers me asleep! Poppy is making slow but steady progress following my picking her up from her finder on the evening of the 24th this month and is just starting to hide a little less and engage a little with my former kitten Daisy, now 5, who is nothing but not determined. It is hopeful that Poppy may find a proper home before too long with one of my neighbours who has taken a shine to her. Vocals have been amplified a little (but were quite audible in any case) and periods of silence have been removed. I hope one day before too long we can upload a second movie of Poppy purring but at the moment she is allowing head rubs only.

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