Lux Radio Theater - The Last Of Mrs. Cheyney, starring Norma Shearer, Walter Pidgeon (May 11, 1942)

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    A Room With A PastA Room With A Past

    Runtime: 57:43

    Lux Radio Theater, a long-run classic radio anthology series, was broadcast on the NBC Blue Network (1934-35); CBS (1935-54) and NBC (1954-55). Initially, the series adapted Broadway plays during its first two seasons before it began adapting films. These hour-long radio programs were performed live before studio audiences. It became the most popular dramatic anthology series on radio, broadcast for more than 20 years and continued on television as the Lux Video Theatre through most of the 1950s. Broadcasting from New York, the series premiered at 2:30pm, October 14, 1934, on the NBC Blue Network with a production of Seventh Heaven starring Miriam Hopkins and John Boles in a full-hour adaptation of the 1922-24 Broadway production by Austin Strong. The host was the show's fictional producer, Douglass Garrick (portrayed by John Anthony). Doris Dagmar played another fictional character, Peggy Winthrop, who delivered the Lux commercials. Each show featured a scripted session with Garrick talking to the lead actors. Anthony appeared as Garrick from the premiere 1934 episode until June 30, 1935. Garrick was portrayed by Albert Hayes from July 29, 1935 to May 25, 1936, when the show moved to the West Coast. Cecil B. DeMille took over as the host on June 1, 1936, continuing until January 22, 1945.
    Greetings from Hollywood, Ladies And Gentleman......

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Kaitlin Rowan
Kaitlin Rowan

They started cracking up at the end because Walter forgot to say his line and CB said it for him!! Love authentic moments like that!

8 months ago

love my "old stories" I'd listen to these over watching tv any day!

2 years ago

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